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Sweepers Pty Ltd provide a range of services that are built around solving your cleaning issues.

We provide free site surveys for selecting the right machine for cleaning, including Vacuums, Scrubbers or Sweepers. We can also provide hire machines for short or long term rental. If you are not in a position to purchase we have a contracting division called “Wombat Sweepers”. These great little dirt diggers will clean out your building site, factory, car parks and the like. If that’s not enough, we can do a final clean using our large industrial scrubbing machines. We sell Fimap Sweepers, Scrubbers and Vacuums.

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At Cleanaway in Townsville we run four sweepers which are often run on double shifts.

We also run another sweeper at Mt Isa Mine which is under full-time contract to clean the roadways…..The service and parts support for these machines has been excellent and allowed to keep our machines operating with minimum down time…

Allan Mott

Branch Supervisor

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